Research project for female Muslim solicitors – Keele University

Experiences of female Muslim solicitor in the legal profession (research study)

Keele UniversityFemale Muslim solicitors are being invited to take part in a research study exploring the experiences of Muslim women working as solicitors within the legal profession.

The study is being conducted by Diane Atherton, a Postgraduate Research student from Keele University, and will eventually form part of a PhD thesis. Participation is completely voluntary.

You would be a good fit for the study if:

–          You classify yourself as Muslim

–          You are a female

–          You are a currently practicing solicitor

What would happen if you took part in the study?

You will be sent a short questionnaire to complete and given the opportunity to attend a one-to-one interview to discuss your own experiences working in the legal profession. All personal information received will be strictly confidential and you will not be able to be identified in any way.

If you do take part in this study, you will be helping raise awareness of Muslim women lawyers in the profession and their individual experiences, whilst also contributing to wider academic literature.

To take part in this study or for further information please contact Diane Atherton at Thank you for your consideration.


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